About us

KOBRA Products™ is dedicated to providing innovative consumer products that make everyday living easier. We study people—lefties  and righties, male and female, young and old—interacting with products and we identify opportunities for meaningful improvement. Our thoughtful, “question everything” process and relentless attention to detail uncover the best solutions for life’s everyday tasks.

Universal Design

KOBRA Products™ was founded on the philosophy of Universal Design, which means the design of products usable by as many people as possible. Today, KOBRA Products offers 500+ products covering many areas of the home, all created based on this principle. The company has been recognized globally as an example of how a well-executed Universal Design philosophy not only creates products that are beneficial to end users but is also a sensible business model.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

We at KOBRA Products™ believe that corporate social responsibility and economic success can go hand in hand. As such, we are committed to applying the principles of ethical sustainability in all of our daily activities. 


We embrace honest communication by sticking to the facts, fulfilling our promises and admitting our failures.


We always show the utmost respect for our colleagues, the company and our competitors.


We use resources wisely. With effective planning, communication and optimized processes we strive to minimize costs across all areas of the business.


We realize and understand that as a team we‘re stronger than as individuals, so we work together to achieve our common goals.


Responsibility for the environment

In particular, we have committed ourselves to the following policies to satisfy these responsibilities:

  • Stringent adherence to all environmental directives at all times

  • The principles of reduction, reuse and recycling are given top priority throughout the process

  • Assurance that our suppliers comply with environmental directives

  • Continuous improvement on all environmental balance indicators at KOBRA Products™ 

  • Constant communication of environmental awareness to the whole KOBRA Products™ staff

  • Clear communication of environmental principles and activities of KOBRA Products™ to all stakeholders


Sustainable Supply

The global economic, social and political backdrop is changing today with the emergence of the concept of sustainable development - “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management is the new process which brings together the principles of supply chain management and corporate social responsibility to make suppliers a sustainable source of value, anticipating environmental issues rather than reacting to them, and improving the labor standards throughout the supply chain.


KOBRA Products™ is a subsidiary of E-Tech Distributors, LLC. based in Riverton, UT and can be contacted at: