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KOBRA OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth Scan Tool Adapter - Wirelessly Feeds Your Cars Data To Your Phone! Check Engine Light Eliminator! Car Code Reader for Android & Windows Devices

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Please Note: We have two models of this product. A Bluetooth version and a WiFi version. The Bluetooth version works for Android only. The WiFI version works with both Apple devices AND Android devices. Please make sure to purchase the correct Kobra Scan Tool for your smartphone.

CUTTING-EDGE OBD2 BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY: This high-end, 2017 Upgraded Version of the ELM327 Bluetooth OBD Scanner Diagnostic Tool Scan Tool and Car Code Reader seamlessly works with Torque Pro and many more apps on the Google Play Store And Windows Phone Store to turn your car into a truly Smart Car!

WIDE CAR MAKE & MODEL COMPATIBILITY: Scan Tool works for EVERY car model and make manufactured between 1996-2016! It works with every U.S. car made post 1996, when OBD-II technology became a prerequisite, as well as all European and Asian car brand vehicles.

FOR BOTH MANUFACTURER & GENERIC CODES CHECK: This ELM327 Bluetooth Scanner and Car Scan Tool retrieves both generic, as well as car manufacturer-specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), helping you overcome any troubleshooting with ease. You will be able to clear the "Check Engine" light indication and other trouble codes, effortlessly!

WIRELESS DATA STREAM FOR ENGINE LIGHT CHECK: This Bluetooth Scanner connects to your vehicle's OBD II Port and smoothly streams data wirelessly, via Bluetooth connection, to your cell phone or Android/Windows Device, such as computers and tablets. It efficiently analyzes clears your vehicle's “Check Engine Light”, as well as read your car engine’s diagnostic codes making it the ultimate Check Engine Light Eliminator!

COMPATIBLE WITH ALL ANDROID DEVICES: This Bluetooth Scanner pairs with any Android or Windows Phone Device EXCLUSIVELY. It does not work with iOS software or iPhones.

Kobra ELM327 OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth OBD II Scanner and Car Scan Tool: An Essential, Professional Grade OBD Scanner And Check Engine Eliminator Tool For Every Driver

The Kobra OBD2 Bluetooth Auto Diagnostic Scan Tool allows you to perform a diagnostics check on your car, in the exact same manner and with the matching efficiency of engine diagnostic readers used by professional mechanics.

Save yourself the hassle and expenditure of an expensive auto shop visit, by purchasing Kobra’s superior OBD II Bluetooth Scanner and check engine code reader.

Live sensor output includes:

• Engine RPM
• Fuel System Status
• Fuel Pressure
• Intake Manifold Pressure
• Air Flow Rate
• O2 Readings
• And Much More!

Despite it beings far more advanced than any basic scanners, this Bluetooth Diagnostic Scanner is designed with ease-of-use and user friendliness in mind.

Compatible with all Androids and Windows Devices, you are free to perform diagnostics checks in your car, using one of your prized tech gadgets, be it your cell phone, laptop, computer, tablet, or ANY other compatible Android/Windows device.

Take note that all vehicles manufactured in the United States, Europe, Japan and Korea since 1996 are OBD2 compliant and will work with the KOBRA OBD-II Bluetooth Diagnostic Scanner.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all vehicles are equipped with the sensors necessary to provide all possible output readings. May work with some earlier vehicles - Newer vehicle models tend to support optimal sensor function.

What’s In The Box:

- 1 x KOBRA OBD-II Bluetooth Diagnostic Scanner and OBD 2 Scanner and Car Code Reader
- 1x Instruction Manual

Purchase Your Own obd2 bluetooth adapter Scanner Now And Keep Your Car In Tip Top Shape!

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Troubleshooting Your Kobra OBD Bluetooth Scan Tool

  1. Leave your vehicle's ignition in the off position. Plug the Kobra™ Bluetooth Scan Tool into vehicle's OBD2 port.
  1. Turn your vehicle's ignition to the ON position. On your device, go to "Settings" > "Bluetooth". Turn on your Bluetooth and Connect to the Bluetooth signal.

The Bluetooth Pair Code is: 1234

If the code doesn't work, then use: 0000

NOTE: It can take up to 15 seconds for Bluetooth signal to show. If the App you are using still doesn't detect the connection then If signal DOES NOT show, then turn OFF Bluetooth in settings, wait 5 sec, and turn Bluetooth ON again and force quit the app and launch it again. (To force quit inside Android, use "Task Manager". Inside iOS, double-press the home button and close the app). Repeat this suggestion until the signal eventually shows. Because as long as the red Power light is lit on the ELM327 Bluetooth device, it means it's physically working.

  1. Launch your OBD App. The most popular apps for Android are: Torque Lite (free), Torque Pro ($4.95), OBD DashCommand (free), and OBD Fusion ($3.99). For Windows devices the most popular apps are OBD Auto Doctor (free) and Car Scanner (free). See below complete list of recommended apps.
  1. Some Apps will connect automatically, and you can begin using the device immediately. While other apps will require you to connect your device through the App. It really depends on what App you are using. Some apps require configuring to connect to the device first. In this case, go to App Settings and configure it to look for a Bluetooth OBD Scanner. (see step 5) and select the device.
  1. Update Settings Inside OBD App. You need to set OBD App (E.G. Torque) to search for Bluetooth. If this is not done, then App won't detect the scanner. This should be done on any OBD App, because they all work similarly -

In Torque (for example), go to "Settings". And update these 2 settings:

  1. Tap "Connection" and choose "Bluetooth"
  2. Tap "Device" and choose the OBD2.
  3. Now force close the app via "Task Manager" on your Android device. And launch the app again. This is because many OBD Apps for some reason won't apply new settings unless you close it completely, and launch it again.


Common Issues

Issue: My device is successfully connected to your device but fails to be recognized by the OBD App? Solution: Turn Off Bluetooth On the Device. Disconnect the OBD Scanner from the Car. Force quit the app. Then close the app With Android, use "Task Manager". With iOS, double-click the home button. Then launch the app again reconnect the Bluetooth and see if it connects.

Issue: My OBD2 Does not show any signs of power, lights do not illuminate. Solution: Detach the adapter and and repeat the steps outlined above. If problem persists, check your OBD fuse and replace if necessary.

My Phone and App are connected to the Kobra Scanner but i’m unable to connect to the ECU. Solution: Turn off the Bluetooth on your device. Force close the app via "Task Manager" on your Android device. Disconnect the Kobra Scanner from you car, reconnect it to the car and wait until the red light is illuminated. Then, reconnect the Bluetooth on your phone, connect to the OBD2 network and launch the app again.

Issue: I'm trying to clear my "Check Engine" light but it keeps coming back or doesn’t clear. Solution: If you are experiencing difficulty clearing a particular code, try placing your car in ACC mode (second ignition position). Remember clearing a code does not fix the problem and your car's system will most likely detect the problem again at some point.

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