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Magnetic Putty Space Slime Stress Reliever, Toy Silly Putty Infused with Iron and rare earth magnet, Makes for Hours of Mesmerizing Fun

  • $29.99

  • HOURS OF FUN WITH THIS MESMERIZING THERAPEUTIC PUTTY! What’s our secret ingredient? Well, we have to tell you! We have expertly infused countless, tiny iron particles to our amazing Magnetic Space Putty, providing it with unparalleled, hard-to-believe silly putty magnetic slime properties! This stuff is a lot cooler and creepier than you can even imagine! Try this super magnetic putty out for yourself and marvel at just how easily you can mold the shape of our moldable toy putty!
  • MAGNETIC ATTRACTION Place any magnet close to the magnificent space putty and take note of the toy putty’s instant gravitation and shape-shift, thanks to iron’s natural, attraction to magnets! This magnetic putty novelty toy is the best way to initiate kids into basic science concepts, by offering them an interactive experiential learning experience. Kids and adults can't get enough of watching the rare earth neodymium magnet getting digested by a blob of writhing black goo!
  • WATCH YOUR GLOB HUNT AND SWALLOW WHOLE MAGNETS! Reach for any small or tiny magnet and watch as Space Putty swallows it up, like a black hole! Spend time practicing focus and help kids develop fine motor skills and expand their understanding of the natural world, as they will look on at their brand new putty, puzzled, trying to decipher just what happened to the magnet they were moments ago seeing!
  • STRESS RELIEF FOR ALL AGES This magnetic silly putty is a perfect stress relief gift. Try this super magnetic putty out and marvel at just how easily you can mold the shape of our moldable toy putty! It's perfect for science-loving kids, or for any adult that loves intelligent play! Use the magnet to do the "snake charmer" trick. Or leave the magnet on your ball of putty and watch it completely engulf the magnet in minutes! What can you do with it? The possibilities are endless!
  • 1 YEAR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! Each Magnetic Space Putty comes in an adorable tin box, ready for gift giving! We are sure you are going to love playing with your new magnetic slime novelty toy, however, should you be unhappy with your purchase, you are free to return it and receive a hassle-free refund within 1 year!!. Purchase Now The Best Magnetic Putty and Silly Putty!


The Most Fun Magnetic Toy Has Finally Reached You: KOBRA Products Space Putty! 

Do you have a kid who loves science and aspires to a STEM career? 

Wouldn’t you love a stress-relieving novelty toy you both could share many bonding hours playing with? 

At KOBRA Products, we have come up with the best relaxing & educational toy for all ages! 

Space Putty: Sky’s NOT The Limit! 

Whoever coined that phrase never had the chance to play with Space Putty! Put all your creative forces at work and shape this free-form, magnetic-charged putty to form whatever wondrous work of art your mind can conceive! 

Its uses are limitless– and so are practically its malleable properties, as you can stretch, bounce and make it into an assortment of balls, to stave off boredom. 

As an easy, hassle-free game, you can play with our putty anywhere, especially during stressful times, where a squeeze ball would look – and feel! – incredibly bulky! 

You can also take it to the next party you’re invited to, where you can wow everyone with your new, amazing magnet tricks! 

Make The Perfect Gift! 

An ideal stocking stuffer – and simply the best novelty stress reliever for anyone in your life going through trying times or working long-hours. 

More than just a toy, it helps kids with sensory processing and tactical development, through fun play with magnets! 

Buy multiple containers of Magnetic Space Putty and in several colors and create colorful works of art that spring to life in the presence of a magnet! 

Don’t Waste Another Minute! 

Purchase Your Own Tin Of Magnetic Space Putty NOW! 

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